Beautiful that you are here!
Beautiful that you are here!

We are E-MEDIAD, a creative agency for digital and design based in the beautiful Südstadt district of Cologne. Since 2002, we have been developing UX concepts, creating websites, online stores and internet applications, developing branding and corporate design concepts, logos, designing magazines, flyers, posters, business cards and much more. In 2020, we fulfilled a dream and launched our own little E-MEDIAD store!

Feiner Kram is an online store for high-quality greeting cards and beautiful stationery that impress with their expressive typography and modern design. You’ll find lots of postcards for your loved ones for occasions such as birthdays, dates, congratulations, apologies, Christmas or New Year. The store combines our passion for good design, expressive typography and the joy of small design gifts. Because this is all about enjoying the design and the moments that bring a smile to our faces and those of our loved ones.

Welcome to us – where ideas sprout, the smell of coffee fills the air and typography comes to life!

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